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Saanich Mayor, Vote October 15, 2022

Proven Leadership…

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About Fred Haynes

Fred is from a blue-collar family in London, England. He came from a big loving family but there were issues to overcome. Fred worked his way through school laboring on building sites with his dad, who was a carpenter. His mother was wonderful but suffered from schizophrenia and money was tight. Perhaps that’s what built his tenacity and awareness.

Independent, Innovative, and Proven

Fred is not a member of any political party. His background as a teacher, a medical researcher, and an entrepreneur, along with years of grassroots community work, gives him a unique set of skills and perspectives. As Mayor, he proved that he is a consensus builder who can lead a diverse Council of independent minds, and demonstrated that good outcomes are achieved when issues are thoroughly debated. 

Fred is an innovator.  As a Councilor, his work was recognized for political leadership on housing affordability, climate action, green space, and local business support.  In his first term Fred brought forward 20+ new resolutions passed by majorities. This was a record number of new resolutions in one term.

WIth Fred serving as Mayor, Saanich has achieved strong advances in climate action, housing supply and affordability, environmental protection, road safety, active transport, parks acquisition, and more. Fred has also delivered results on reconciliation, cultural inclusion, family doctors, daycare, food security, a film studio, med-tech hub, economic resilience, and the first multicultural festival at Uptown.

Of course, there is more to do. 

Let’s Vote Haynes to continue this record-breaking momentum!

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