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Since 2014, Fred has been bringing forward dynamic housing initiatives for all generations and income levels. In fact Fred won an award after just one year on Council for “Political Leadership Supporting Housing Affordability, Policy Review and Regulatory Reform”.  In addition he was recognized by the Co-op Housing Federation of BC for his work on coop housing.  He’s never stopped working hard on those issues.

His Mayor’s committee on housing generated award-winning strategies for sustainable, vibrant communities for all generations, while delivering climate action, transit, active transportation and protection of our natural environment.  This strategy protects the Urban Containment Boundary and farmland, and is nearing implementation.  

In addition, Saanich now has fast-tracking, affordable housing, purpose-built rentals, garden suites, co-op housing and more. Thoughtful planning is now in place to support a diverse range of housing, while respecting established neighborhoods.

“We must build housing for all incomes and generations. The Mayor’s committee on Housing developed an award-winning approach that integrates critical responses to challenges in housing, climate action, affordability and transit. I will further address the housing crisis by continuing to:

Support transit by focusing density in centers on transit routes.”



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