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Originally from a large and loving, working-class family in London, Fred is no stranger to adversity. He worked his way through school laboring on building sites with his dad, who was a carpenter. His mother, a vibrant, wonderful woman, suffered from schizophrenia and money was always tight. These experiences shaped Fred’s lifelong tenacity, empathy, and awareness.

With the help of his school teachers, Fred overcame significant difficulties and continued on to become a teacher himself. He moved to Canada to earn his Masters degree, and went on to receive a full Commonwealth scholarship to do a Ph.D. in diabetes research at the University of Toronto.

“It’s been my life-long honor to work alongside community as your mayor to address the big issues of today. In just four years we have proven Saanich can be an innovative award-winning, progressive community. 

We have important ongoing initiatives to complete.  In this election, I am asking for your continued support and your vote on October 15th to further this important work in our joint success for Saanich.”

– Fred Haynes Ph.D.

After completing his doctorate, Fred fulfilled his lifelong dream of studying martial arts in Japan, and eventually earned his 8th-degree blackbelt in Aikido. While in Japan, Fred also turned his attention to his lifelong entrepreneurial interest, and when he returned to Canada he established a consulting and publishing business specializing in health, renewable energy, and food production. 

Fred and his wife Cathy moved to Saanich twenty years ago. They settled their three sons into school and immediately became involved in their community. Fred joined grassroots groups working relentlessly on important local issues including the environment, community building, road safety, food security, housing, and sport. Due to his increasing involvement in these critical efforts, Fred was asked by community members to run for Saanich council in 2014. He is an accidental politician, not a career politician. 

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