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Fred believes that a government’s first job is to keep every individual safe, no matter who you are. This includes physical safety supported by emergency preparedness and inclusionary policies for healthy communities. Fred’s actions speak louder than other candidate’s words. 

With Fred and the Council, Saanich has accomplished more on road safety in the past four years than any council in recent history, including speed reductions, traffic calming, pedestrian and cycling infrastructure and education. 

As chair of the Saanich Police Board since 2018, Fred has overseen the appointment of Chief Constable Scott Green and Chief Constable Dean Duthie, and significant progressive changes. Membership of the Police Board is now more diverse than at any time in the department’s 114 years history, and in 2022 the department was recognized as one of BC’s top 100 employers. 

The Saanich Fire Department has achieved a new level of efficiency and service. We are rebuilding Fire Station 3 in Royal Oak, a center that is critical in protecting rural and forested lands in the years ahead. We initiated the rebuild master plan for the public works yard, an effort that is critical in addressing the impacts of climate change and related infrastructure improvements.

 Information technology is an essential aspect of our service delivery. Significant hardware, software and staffing upgrades are ongoing to ensure your data and the district’s functions are protected.

Safety and Livability

“We’ve completed more on road safety, emergency preparedness, and inclusionary policies than any recent Council. I will continue to provide data-driven, compassionate, and practical leadership on: 

Road Safety


Emergency Preparedness

Inclusionary Policies


Accessible Government

Fred is committed to open and transparent government. Saanich has proved that even during the pandemic when in person meetings were impossible, we have an accessible municipality. There are numerous ways for the public to participate and have input, and Fred is committed to continuing to find new ways for civic participation. We value Input from residents to help us shape our processes and policies.

Food Security

Shortages during the pandemic brought home to all of us the importance of food security.  Fred is working with local farmers, consumers, food retailers, restaurants, the Provincial Ministry of Agriculture, the University of Victoria, and Camosun College to build a more resilient local food economy. 

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