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For enhanced sports & recreation facilities for all. Fred gets things done!

As a former phys-ed teacher and martial artist, Fred recognizes the immense mental and physical value of active living. He has been working as Mayor to bring enhanced recreation facilities for all ages.

Here’s a brief glimpse at some of the great work completed and initiated this term. 


Fred’s championing a 20+ court pickleball facility in Saanich – done right!*  He’s working on innovative sources of land and funding. Fred’s in discussions with the Victoria Pickleball Association on delivering a regional pickleball facility able to host major tournaments.  Fred is a strong advocate for this rapidly expanding sport – and for the positive impacts, a facility like this will have on Saanich.  *In a location that does not disturb nearby neigbours. There are some great ideas.

This article shows an intriguing example of how a pickleball community partnered with the City of Vernon government to make a 12-court indoor facility happen. Let’s do that here! Watch his social media for more news soon.

One of innovative location for the 20+ Pickleball facility could be 741 Burnside. This is a MOTI property in Saanich. Our staff and MOTI are exploratory discussions on options for a possible leasing arrangement. 

This is next to 731 Burnside generously donated to Saanich by Mr. Wilson. A portion of this  has excellent potential for a new off-road skills park. SIMBS and staff are in exploratory conversations. The forested area will be protected in perpetuity.

The cumulative vision is for both a tournament level pickleball venue, and high quality off-road bike skills park to co-locate. 

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Fred’s working with the Victoria Eagles and Mavericks on innovative opportunities to improve baseball at the Maverick diamond at Lambrick Park. This includes starting the season with pre-training in March, enhancing the dugouts, and improving safety fencing. Additionally, we hope to explore “turf” replacement to reduce maintenance costs and improve playing options for the leadership of these clubs is committed to helping with volunteers and funding for this baseball centre of excellence here in Saanich.”

As these exploratory conversations unfold, Fred envisions that these include the Gordon Head Baseball Association – the not-for-profit home park user on the Joe Stephenson Field at Lambrick Park who have been providing youth in our community with exceptional grass roots opportunities to play baseball for decades.

Finding success for the best outcomes for all, will involve including various stakeholders in these conversations. At times this can seem to be daunting task given the range of interest and focus that exist. That said, working together for the joint success of all, will be a great way to continue discussing shared opportunities.

Other conversations for aiding volunteers bringing forward positive ideas and approaches for joint success are also ongoing with the Lakehill Baseball and Softball Association. In addition, Fred looks forward to meeting with all the baseball user groups in Saanich to explore how he can better support their efforts to put on quality baseball programs for their children.

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Jeremy Campbell


Fred’s already had success on the playing season and is continuing to work with the Greater Victoria Minor Football Association on ways to further extend the season and improve lighting and the clubhouse for this fantastic family sport in Saanich and the region.

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Melissa Piatsa


This term, working with the cricket community  Fred successfully delivered the first-ever cricket pitch in Saanich. Located at Beckwith Park, the pitch has generated great excitement from the cricketing fraternity on Vancouver Island, especially in Saanich. Cricket is a huge sport across the Commonwealth countries and has a 150-year history on Vancouver Island. The missing link was the cricket facility for residents in Saanich. Now at Beckwith. Job done!


There is overwhelming competition for our soccer fields. Fred has worked with soccer groups and Saanich staff to find innovative reallocation of playing fields to satisfy the needs of an entirely new group of soccer players. No increase in costs. No additional field maintenance. Just good practical thinking and facilitating between staff and community.

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Soccer Group

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Kal Singh


We have a very exciting opportunity for an incredible new asset for off-road cycling in Saanich – on recently donated land at 731 Burnside Rd. 

Saanich is building on the momentum of our new Tripp Station Youth Park and the strong interest in off-road cycling facilities with the South Island Mountain Biking Society (SIMBS). SIMBS is in exploratory conversations with Saanich Park and Recreation staff and our new economic development manager to deliver a new bike skills park on the cleared area of this property. This will not only enhance healthy lifestyles but adds significant economic opportunity for the region.

Saanich is working with a collective to establish a cycling circuit through the Saanich Peninsula. This will be off-road and, as needed, on-road. High-level details on this exciting initiative will be presented at Saanich’s October 24th Council meeting. Stakeholders include Destination Victoria, Butchart Gardens, Gardens at HCP, BC Ferries, Wilsons, SIMBS and the Sidney BIA. The District of Central Saanich has the lead.


There is massive interest in ice-hockey and ice skating in Saanich. Supporting this has been the upgrade to Gold Arena at G.R. Pearkes Recreation Centre. This is excellent, but we need to build a new ice surface in Saanich. Fred committed to this in 2018 and has been working in the background on a number of fronts.  It’s difficult and the pandemic definitely slowed progress.  Saanich staff are exploring all options for a new rink. A new arena will be expensive and needs careful planning.  Fred’s track record of innovative funding solutions and partnerships will be part of that solution. Stay posted on Fred’s social media as more concrete actions unfold. 


Golf is a wonderful sport for all ages. Since 1952 golf has had a long and amazing history of community involvement in Saanich. Massive contributions have been made by the volunteers and board of the Cedar Hill Golf Club to our municipal course. Fred has been listening to club members’ and residents’ concerns and liaising with staff as the new model at the Cedarhill golf course unfolds. It is hoped that the new model of management will ensure the long-term viability of this municipal recreational asset. He appreciates there is distress over the process of allocating tee times for the club members who have contributed so much.  Fred hopes that improved communication and facilitation will be able to address these and is committed to working further with the club toward achieving its goals. 



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